Monday, June 4, 2012

Angel Locsin is the one to beat on FHM Sexiest List

Angel Locsin is one of the favorite and is leading the race in being the sexiest woman in the world by the followers and avid fans of men’s magazine FHM Philippines.  She is currently the leader of the nationwide poll.
Angel is indeed one of the beautiful faces and undeniably one of the sexiest women not only in the Philippine showbiz industry but in the whole world as well. She is often compared to other actresses and models.

There was an issue that took place between her and rival Marian Rivera when Marian topped as the sexiest woman of FHM magazine in 2008. Their comparison transpired because they both portrayed the role of Darna. People argued if who really was better and sexier.  She commented that she was still thankful to FHM because that’s where she started.  She said that she already made an achievement for being hailed as the Philippine’s sexiest woman way back 2005 and 2010.

Angel also developed a rivalry with Anne Curtis. A gossip took in when Angel won the best actress award in the 2012 Star Award for Movies. It was alleged that this was the reason why Anne quitted ASAP 2012. But the issue was denied by both sides afterward.

The 2012 Best Award for Movie best actress is constantly retrieving the top spot in the poll. If she will still be the number one in the list until it closes in June, she will be designated as the “# 1 Sexiest Woman in the World” for this year 2012. And in addition to that, she will acquire the distinction of being a three-time number one title holder.Without doubt, Angel is the one to beat because she possesses the beauty, sexiness, and popularity.


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