Friday, December 14, 2012

Anne Curtis: “ My mother is not a Pinay maid”

The name Anne Curtis is one of the most popular Philippine showbiz names in the industry. She is multi-awarded actress, has blockbuster movies, top rating shows, and more than 3 million followers on twitter.
However, not all her followers on twitter are her fans and it does not mean that if you’re popular, everyone is in favor of you. Anne Curtis is well-known individual in the Philippines and she is one of the most sought actreses here. Yet, some people can’t still help but to insult her and the background where she came from.

There are followers of her on twitter who called her mother as a “Pinay maid” and her father as an “Aussie loser guy”. Well, anyone who called their parents this way would not be glad. The terms that these followers stated weredefinitely an insult to Anne and her family.

The actress stroked some words against these followers and posted it on twitter.
“@dudeinterrupted @Khatieness Well hello you. We meet again. But dont worry i come in peace. Just to clarify once again my mother was never a maid. In fact if ever she was i would be proud and would not hide it in embarrassment at all. She may not have come from a well off family but she never ashamed of her roots and took all of us visit where she grew up.

So you can say whatever you want. I wont fight you BUT i will clarify..She is after all my mother and i…I dont appreciate people who disrespect her. You’d probably do the same. Anyway, now that is clear. I hope you will please stop saying false things about my mother. Thank you. :)” Anne said.

This was not the first time that Anne encountered the same issue but as long as she is alive, she’ll always protect her family and loved ones against those “bashers”.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eula Caballero on a scary scandal

Eula Caballero, the contract star of TV5 denies the issue linking her to some famous young actors of the generation. But can Eula still handle the scary scandal stories being attached to her image?

Most Promising Star

If GMA 7 has Jennylyn Mercado, The Kapatid Network- TV5 has Eula Caballero. Eula also comes from a reality artista search called as “Star Factor” and she was hailed as the first grand winner of that show. If you will test the capacity of Eula as being an actress, she is very familiar with that craft as she experienced to work with the country’s precious veteran actors like Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion as their daughter in the film “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” an entry to MMFF 2011. In a soap opera with the Superstar, Nora Aunor and Christopher De Leon in “Sa Ngalan ng Ina” and earlier this year with American Idol, David Archuleta and Jasmine Curtis in a romantic drama series, “Nandito Ako”.

Eula has really come a long way in just a short period of time. However she still manages to be humble because she wanted to keep her feet on the ground and don’t let the fame make her head swell. Even if she was considered as the prime time actress of the network, she still pays respect to the other stars like Alex Gonzaga, Ritz Azul, and Arci Munoz. Eula still does a lot of workshop and training to enhance her acting skills and other crafts. This Cebuano native will still need a lot of time to prove us that she’s really worthy as being the TV5’s network princess. Will Eula Caballero had a possible chance to work with other big stars like Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos?

Allegedly rumored as a playgirl

Now that she is in the showbiz industry, Eula can’t avoid the scary scandal linked to her. Eula is called by others as a flirt. With her closeness to the PBB star- Johan Santos, detractors claimed that something happened between them on a vacation trip in Batangas. It started when she decided to ride with Johan because during that time her driver was at off duty. While Johan haven’t arrived yet, her showbiz friend and co- star Victor Silayan called her to join him with the trip but in just a few seconds of time Johan texted her that he was already at her house. With Victor, she became close with him because of twitter and there’s no other going on between them. Eula is also linked with another PBB housemate- Ivan Dorschner and she admitted that she has a crush on him but they are just friends. Sometimes Eula can’t help but to cry because of the malicious rumors attached to her.

Eula Caballero denies those scary scandals but she admits that she will do a scary teleserye. She will be playing another lead role in a supernatural drama series entitled as “Third Eye” with the Grand Slam Actress, Ms. Lorna Tolentino, Eddie Garcia and Daniel Matsunaga. It will be aired this July 29, at 9:30 pm. Aside from third eye; Eula can still be seen in the comedy sitcom “Loko Moko U” during Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm and will be doing a movie project with Ivan Dorschner under Regal Films entitled “Ride to love”.

If you’re not familiar with her, check out more pics below: